Easy listening

Fichiers audio avec des fiches d’exercices à imprimer

First day at school

Giving personal information (at the library)

Getting an ID card

Do the tests :

Tests 1-2

Test 3listening

Test 4

Test 5

Test 6

Complete the sentences (from Adele’s corner):

personal information

Hue Le’s story

My family

My favourite restaurant

Easy documents:

Ecoute les documents suivants et travaille au brouillon comme en classe pour comprendre ce que tu peux.

Introduction (des personnes se présentent)





Talking about … family:grandparents

Lily’s family

Robin’s family

Rebecca’s family

Erica’s family

Lindsey’s large family

Helena’s small family

Talking about … likes and dislikes:

What Lily likes and dislikes about music and movies

Leslie talks about Shakira

Talking about … food:english breakfast2

Jennifer’s favourite food

Olivia’s English breakfast

Food in New York City

What Sally eats for breakfast

Talking about … clothes:

Kate’s favourite clothes and colours

Keely’s clothes

Talking about … pets:

Leslie’s pets

Keely’s dog

SCHOLTIMTalking about … school:

Keely’s school supply

Leslie’s school day

Maryse’s American school day

a day at school in the US


Easy dialogs with transcripts :

Daily life

School life



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